(Responses offered by our Proprietor and Sommelier, Lisa Mushaw)

Q: What should I wear while in Tuscany?

A: Comfort is important while traveling, and looking chic is always an added plus. i.e., when in doubt wear black. It travels well, and you are able to pack less. Dress is informal during the day, and I would recommend a business casual attire for dinner. We will be dining out for most of our evening meals, and a pair of slacks with a blouse or sweater for women is appropriate, and a pair of slacks and a button down shirt with a blazer is fine for men.

Friendly reminder: In Italy, and all throughout Europe, people wear the same clothes repeatedly. If you are trying to simplify your packing might I suggest one or two pair of Jeans or slacks for cooking class days, and one or two pair of slacks for the rest of the trip, with a few extra tops. Extra accessories are great for changing a look, and don’t take up that much room in your suitcase.

Q: Will I need special equipment or clothing for the cooking classes?

A: You will have three cooking classes: two in the morning, with lunch following, and an evening class with dinner following. In all three classes, dress is informal. All the necessary equipment, and aprons are provided for you during the class.

Q: What will the weather be like while I’m there?

A: The average Fall weather in Tuscany is similar to Fall weather on the East Coast – about 68 degrees during the day, and dropping to the low 50s in the evening. A pair of pants and a shirt with a sweater to throw over your shoulders during the day usually is fine, with a light to mid-weight jacket for the evenings. We do begin our programs pretty early in the day, and it can still be a bit cool first thing. 

If you are cold natured, you may want to bring a heavier jacket similar to a Peacoat for your morning and evening strolls. Umbrellas are always good to have with you as well.

Q: What is the cooking level for the program?

A: Treasures of Tuscany is a vacation. We have created a cooking program for people of all levels. Whether you’re just learning to boil water or an experienced gourmet cook, the classes are geared toward all levels. The idea is to learn something new and to have fun!

Please contact us if you have any questions not found here.